Window Xp Secrets Tips And Tricks

Window Xp Secrets Tips And Tricks

Notepad Secrets

  1. Open notepad in your computer
  2. Write in the very first line “.LOG“(without quotes) and then press enter to go next line
  3. Now type some texts you want in your file ,then save it
  4. So next time you can open your file,notice its contents,notepad automatically added the date and time log when you open yur file.

Paint Secrets

  1. Open paint .
  2. then open a image as your wish.
  3. Right click on the image and then select the “Select all” option.
  4. Now hold the the shift key on your computer and move the image so many times in many directions.
  5. The image will be dwaw in a train type.

Other Secrets

Where is the relaxing music like that you’ve heard during the Windows XP Installation?

The file is in this given address and your can change it your wish


Games Secrets

Solitaire instant win

  • Press alt+shift+2 to instantly win the game.

Solitaire draw only one card (instead of 3)

  • Hold the down CtrlAlt + Shift then click on unopen cards to draw

FreeCell: Instant Win

  • Hold the down CtrlShift + F10 while playing, then click Abort.
  • Now move any one card of your choice.


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