How To Format My Pen drive: Format Your Pen drive With Command Prompt

How To Format My Pen drive: Format Your Pen drive With Command Prompt

Hello friends, i am going to share a trick to format your pen drive easily with command prompt.

Some time we are unable to format our pen drives with our current operating system format software. i will tell your how to format your pen drive easily.

Why your pen drive not format with windows formats like FAT32 NTFS etc.?

many times you have not format your pen drive because virus or other danger software going in to your pen drive then these types of viruses are not complete the process of your pen drive format.

How to format your pend drive with command prompt

  1. Insert your pen drive in any of your computer USB port.
  2. Now go to run and type command ( format h: )
  3. Then press enter.
  4. Then a black screen come out and ask to you , format Y or N so you press Y or hit enter.
  5. Now your pen drive formatting process starts.
  6. after completing the formatting process type exit and again press enter now you can come back to your desktop .
  7. Now check your pen drive , your pen drive will be formatted.


In the step 2 you can ( format h: )  there h: is the name of drive thats show on the my computer. You have to find your pendrive drive name is what, then you can run command like ( format h: ) . If you make mistake to find you pendrive drive then you can loss your data so, be confirm before selecting your drive.


Thanx for reading.


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